Lasers allow the deposition of a controlled amount of energy to the surface of metals. This principle permits laser material processing and enables multiple applications. Laser etching metal is one of them. Laser marking metal yields the best results with near infrared pulsed laser emitting in the proximity of 1064 nm. Dev Metal Labels has developed a series of near-infrared lasers specifically to cater to the primary metal industry. Learn more about these laser engraving machines for metal in our product pages.

Having adequate laser marker is necessary but not sufficient. Over the years, Dev Metal Labels has acquired an expertise in establishing the laser parameters that are the most adapted to a wide range of metals Read the white paper Analysis of Laser Marking Performance on Various Non-ferrous Metals for a detailed description of marking time, contrast levels and optimal laser parameters for zinc, lead, magnesium, titanium, nickel, tin and aluminum. It is also possible to do laser marking on metals such as steel and stainless steel.

Unlike other technologies, laser marking is permanent, heat, abrasion and acid resistant. Corrosion resistant markings offer many advantages for applications in business sectors such as medical technology and the automobile industry.